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  • Is your website making you money?

  • Is social media generating leads?

  • Can your customers find you online?

  • Could you use more online sales?

  • Is your website difficult to update?

  • How do you measure online success?

Digital Advisor asks questions about  
   your online business and helps you to  
   find the answers.  

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Our Services

Our clients have ambitions. They want to succeed online, and we want to help them. Our agile approach allows us to take on projects both large and small, adapting our offer to suit their needs.

It's an approach we've been refining since 2001.

We meet many business owners that are plagued by two main fears regarding digital technology:

  • Fear of what they don't know, and
  • Fear that their business is missing out

Through consultation, design, data analysis, training, and support we replace fear with knowledge, and we empower businesses to do better online. Contact us to set up a no obligation session to learn more.

Our work Book a meeting


  • Data wrangling
  • Custom Data Analytics
  • Data integrations
  • Database design
  • Database management
  • Consulting


  • Business & market research
  • Team workshops
  • Brand reviews
  • Scoping & specification
  • Wireframe & usability design
  • Strategic planning
  • Art direction


  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Database programming
  • App development
  • eCommerce
  • UX design
  • Content development


  • Professional website hosting
  • Data security
  • Search optimisation
  • Social media support
  • Online advertising campaigns
  • Regular reporting
  • Ongoing strategic advice

Our Work

Since 2001 we've designed, built, and run hundreds of websites on dozens of platforms across a wide range of industries - for one-man bands through to multi-national corporate monsters. We've also set-up online marketing campaigns, developed new brands, and provided training for teams. Talk to us about your needs today.

Mindful Money

Ethical Investing

Mindful Money is run by a not-for-profit group dedicated to helping Kiwi investors make more ethical investments. This challenging project required the development of an advanced database, sophisticated algorithms to match people with funds, and the design nuance to make it all look simple.



Technology and style

As Apple Premium Service Providers, Ubertec wanted their online store to have the kind of user experience that customers would be familiar with on the Apple website. The website not only provides a custom ecommerce function, it also handles service requests, customer feedback, and other news and updates from the store.



Pride & professionalism

Exeloo is a New Zealand manufacturing success story. Our job was to make them look good on the world stage, building a dynamic website that could showcase their loos as the artworks that they are. Built into the site are sophisticated tools for creating deeply interlinked stories about place, functionality, style, and applications, along with geo-targeted landing pages for North America & Australia.


Midas NZ

Peace of Mind Motoring

Midas is a well-recognised international brand, but their NZ website was lacking. We created a new site with smarter content management, made it far easier to use, integrated it with a third-party application for inspecting vehicles, and have seen the site traffic (and corresponding numbers of bookings for vehicle maintenance) climb year over year.



Developing Patient Pathways

When we took over management of Auckland Radiation Oncology's website, it was already a good site. But through a workshop process we discovered that there were some challenges that ARO needed to address. Namely, helping patients navigate their treatment. So we upgraded the website, made it easier for staff to update, and created a new section focused on the patients, as well as their families & support network.


Our advisors Book a meeting

Our advisors

In almost 2 decades of practice we've worked across nearly every imaginable industry. We've built successful online stores, we've designed interactive apps, and we've given businesses the confidence to grow their online brand. Our consultative, customised approach, and our accountability for results has set us apart.

Digital Advisor James McGoram

James McGoram

James is well known in the web industry for being a great communicator, an excellent designer and a heck of a nice guy. He's worked with hundreds of business owners over the last 15 years to improve their results from the web. His love of design as a way to solve problems, rather than just making things look nice, means he's passionate about outcomes for his clients.

: '

Digital Advisor Leon Matthews

Leon Matthews

Leon is an expert in digital communications technology, online security and web application programming. He's built content management systems from the ground up, contributes to open source software projects and presents at international programming conferences. His hobbies include writing software and tinkering with computers. So, you know, more of the same.

Digital Design Team

Our team

Our established network of trusted experts includes photographers, writers, graphic designers, and printers. We only work with people we know personally, and whose work we admire. For each assignment we assemble and manage the best team for the job.

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Our thoughts

Occasional articles about small business, digital design, code, and online marketing.

The three axes of design

Design is a complex, collaborative enterprise. It's also obsessed with things that are cool. How do we reconcile the two?

A question of empathy

Empathy can be a transformative tool in our business. But why the hell should we care?

Fixing the Fierce Urgency of Now

Little could Martin Luther King, Jr know that a small red notification icon on an LED screen would eventually turn a desire for urgency into a daily struggle for our attention.

Code, Lies, and Masking Tape

The recent scandals involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica have revealed just how vulnerable we are, as users of the internet, to manipulation and control through clever, targeted marketing.

The digital advisor diaries

It's been two years since we moved out of our web development studio and headed out on our own as experts for hire. Have we learned anything?

A powerful online strategy in just 3 simple steps

How do you write an effective online strategy? Follow our simple guide and you'll have a strategy that works, for you, the team, and the business.

Website design is complex. So make it simple.

If you can't explain something in simple language then you don't really understand it. So what do i really understand about web design?

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